Weekly Checklist For The Smooth Functioning Of Your Car


Your car takes you safely anywhere you want to go and in return, it just requires that you take good care of it regularly. Taking care of your car is important for its smooth running and for your safety as well. You don’t need to be a car enthusiast or a mechanic to perform the basic regular inspections and tune-ups of your car. Learn a few simple maintenance tips to avoid any accident or injuries. Spare some time and make sure that these 11 things are examined every week to keep your car reliable, safe, and road-ready.


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1. The Engine Oil

A clean and correct level of oil in your engine keeps your car running smoothly. Check your oil level by simply by pulling out the dipstick and note the mark. Checking the oil level regularly is a good practice to catch leakages. Change the engine oilas recommended by the manufacturer or mechanic on a regular basis.

2. The Tyre Pressure

Improperly inflated tyres cause blowouts resulting in worst cases. Also, the wrong level of inflation can decrease your fuel efficiency. Check your tyres every week for correct tyre pressure using a tire pressure gauge. Keep your tyres inflated with correct pressure as recommended by the tyre manufacturer.

3. The Brakes

Don’t wait for that shrieking sound to figure out that the brake pads have worn out. Always have a pro check on your brakes so that they work efficiently in those panic stops also and prevent an accident.

4. The Battery

Examine your car battery for signs of wear and corrosion. As soon as you notice that your car doesn’t start up as effortlessly as it used to be, check all the contact points of the battery. Clean those contact points up that are gummed up by the battery components.

5. The Transmission Fluid

Facing difficulty in shifting the gears while driving is not something that can be ignored for some time. To keep your car in your control always, ensure that the transmission fluid is topped up to the right level and is changed regularly so you can shift transmission smoothly.

6. The Alignmentl

Bad alignment affects the way how your car manages on the road. Keep a regular eye on your alignment and adjust it as needed to make sure your car responds perfectly when you steer.

7. The Windshield Wipers

Replace the wipers as soon as you figure out that its blade is coming loose, cracking, or any gaps in the coverage when they are operating.

8. The Spark Plug

Check the spark plugs of your car customarily and also, replace them when needed. As they play a vital role in your car’s fuel combustion mechanism and can stall your engine.

9. The Air Filter

Make it a regular part of your car maintenance routine to check the air filter and replace it when needed. A clogged air filter blocks the proper air passage through the engine and increases fuel consumption.

10. The Lights – All of Them

Headlights, turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights or any other light on your should function properly. Check all the lights of your caron a regular basis to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and to prevent accidents.

11. Wash Your Car Regularly

Besides going through all the regular maintenance keep your car clean and wash it daily to prevent your car from being affected by the climatic factor that may eat up the vehicle’s exterior.

It may take an hour or so to perform a weekly check of your car but believe us it can save fuel, money and even lives sometimes. So take care of your car faithfully and it will take care of your safety on the road. It takes a short amount of time to check these important functions, but can save money, fuel, and even lives in the long run.

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5 Things to Know About Transmission of a Car


The transmission is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It is a component that ensures that your car can cruise with high speeds on freeways without busting a hole through your engine. The transmission is what helps you make those quick shifts, which get you from point A to B, as fast as possible. It is the ferocity of your transmission that helps you go faster. Overall, transmission is a vital module of your vehicle and a strong one at that. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that even the mighty have fallen and without proper tender love and care, even your transmission might not be able to hold its own against what the road has to throw at it. So we have compiled five things that you need to know in order to enhance the life of your beloved transmission and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

1. Do Not Overheat Your Car.

A transmission is engineered to work at specific optimum temperature, which can be easily exceeded by overheating the vehicle. For instance, a majority of automatic transmissions are designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 200 degrees and as you exceed this temperature, the lifespan of your temperature is reduced by a factor of 2 with every 20 degrees that you go over. At 240 degrees, the organic oil based transmission fluid turns to varnish and this means that parts do not get proper lubrication, which is required for optimum functioning.


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2. Maintain proper fluid levels.

One should ensure ideal transmission fluid levels are maintained because letting your transmission run out of fluids or running the transmission on low fluid levels will result in a breakdown. These fluids are responsible for regulating the temperature of your transmission and ensuring that the components remain lubricated and cool.

3. Periodically Change all the fluids.

The relationship between the transmission and the engine is a symbiotic one, which is why it is necessary to pay equal attention to all units of the car. One should adhere to instructions laid down in the owner’s manual and periodically change all the fluids of the car. The transmission fluid and engine oil will eventually become dirty and over the course of time, wear and tear will cause metal bits to make their way in the oil, which can severely damage the components.

4. Avoid racing as much as possible.

Racing involves abrupt starts, high revs and quick acceleration, which causes the torque converter to produce a lot of heat that in turn, result in overheating of transmission in absence of ample rest intervals. In order to have the transmission run properly, the transmission fluid must be warmed up and so, one must give a substantial interval after starting an engine before driving away. Race cars feature specifically designed transmission units, which are capable of taking abuse that generic transmissions can not handle. Just Like quick starts, braking suddenly can damage the transmission and engine mounts, which will eventually cause damage to the transmission. A forced downshift at high revs causes excessive wear and tear of clutch and other transmission components. It is wise to have the mounts checked after an emergency stop.

5. Do not Abuse the drivetrain.

Taking or for that matter, forcing your car to tread on terrains that it is not meant for, results in excessive strain on your transmission unit. Rocking of the car that is caused as a result of getting stuck in sand, snow or mud terrains causes overheating and potential burning out of a transmission in a relatively short timespan. Rocking is the process of shifting the car from reverse to drive, so as to nudge the car out of the sand trap or the ditch it is stuck in. Drivers should not strain the car if it gets stuck, instead they should either opt to have the car towed and if possible, dig the car out. The transmission is also put through a lot of strain, when one’s driving in city’s stop-and-go traffic for too long or idling the vehicle for an extended duration of time. The wear and tear takes place because the transmission fluid overheats, which results in component failures, since both engine and transmission are working but to no avail, as the car isn’t moving.



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Reasons why Car Insurance Claims are Denied


We all insure our cars for the reason of safety, and with hope that in case if there’s an accident, the insurance company would come to our rescue. However, nothing holds the insurance company from denying the claim made under circumstances clearly ruled out in the policy documents. Other than the lesser known reasons that might differ with the insurance companies, some obvious ones that apply to all of them, are really worth knowing. They are worth knowing because it’s legally abiding for the insurance company to walk away under such circumstances without paying a penny.


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Driving under influence

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol affects driving ability and can attract fine from traffic police. In a condition, where the car meets an accident while you are driving under the influence, nothing would prevent the insurance company from denying the claim if the allegation is substantiated by a police complaint.

The case of consequential damage

It’s assumed to be common knowledge that driving a car under certain situations can cause permanent damage to it. Driving on flooded roads, in stormy conditions where it can be blown away by strong winds are couple of examples. It constitutes consequential damage and keeps insurance companies from approving all such claims where the driver is at fault and has driven the car into such situations.

Unlicensed driver

A car may be owned by someone and he/she may allow members of his family to drive it. Almost every insurance policy covers damages caused by licensed driver regardless of the owner of the car. However, in case of accidental damages done to the car while it’s driven by a minor who is not in possession of a valid driving license would keep the insurance company from approving such claims.

Reckless driving

In an event where the driver has been found driving on the wrong side of the road, or violating the traffic rules, traffic lights, texting while driving etc, such cases would be treated as a case of reckless driving and the insurance company would not pay any damages that might be a direct result of this.

Car theft

Due to the reason that car theft are not easier to investigate, they are widely abused by dishonest individuals to make claims and draw money using insurance. Result of investigation that’s done lies solely in the hands of insurance companies and are always under strict scrutiny. Therefore, it’s advisable to lock your car before leaving and park it in a well-lit, suitable spot. Any negligence on part of the owner is likely to be seen as an encouragement and would prevent the investigating officer from providing the claimed amount.

Since the policy is subject to terms and conditions dictated by the insurance company, it’s advisable to read all of them before purchasing a policy. Nothing stops the insurance company from providing the claim as long as it abides by the terms and conditions that it explicitly defines.

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