Next-gen Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire to debut on new platform in 2018: Report

Navnit Motors Pvt. Ltd. India’s largest car maker by volume Maruti Suzuki is reportedly working on the next generation of the Swift Dzire sedan and the debut of the car can be expected in 2018.

The car will be produced as the second car model from its new Gujarat plant after the Baleno, reports Autocar Professional.

The report also says the car will be based on a new platform. The next generation of the Swift that Maruti is working on is expected to see the light of the day next year, and will be built on a new platform. According to the various reports, the new Swift platform will be a tweaked version of the Baleno platform. The next-gen Swift Dzire could also be riding on the same platform as the new Swift, which would make the car lighter by 50 to 80kg. As of now, there is no word about the engine line-up of the new Swift Dzire and Swift. However, rumours indicate that Maruti could also bring in Suzuki’s new diesel engines that are currently in the works. The petrol line-up may have Boosterjet turbo units.

The Swift Dzire will be more angular in design than the current model. Maruti Suzuki will stick to under 4,000mm length for the new model as well. This will help the company to keep the pricing competitive. Moreover, there are many new entrants in the segment, such as Volkswagen Ameo, and Tata’s upcoming Kite 5. Hence, Maruti Suzuki will be forced to bring the next gen Swift Dzire without a steep increase in price.

The fleet spec Dzire Tour is also expected to get a makeover. The large boot space will not be trimmed in the new avatar while a petrol engine version may come on board.


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Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is India’s best-selling SUV

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nEven before its debut many touted the Maruti Vitara Brezza to be India’s biggest car launch of 2016 and it was only a matter of time that the compact SUV became one of the bestselling cars in its segment.

Even before its debut many touted the Maruti Vitara Brezza to be India’s biggest car launch of 2016 and it was only a matter of time that the compact SUV became one of the bestselling cars in its segment.

The Vitara Brezza had begun to breathe down the neck of the Creta from the month of April itself. After trailing by around 68 units in the first month of the 2016-17 financial year, the former finally sped past its closest foe in May.

Elsewhere in the Indian SUV space the home-grown SUV maker sold around 4,000 units each of its Scorpio, Bolero and the latest small car KUV100. The Ford EcoSport crossed the 3,000 sales figure last month, even after more than 48,000 of its units were recalled recently.

As for the Vitara Brezza, it has also proved to be Maruti’s knight in shining armour at a time when the automaker’s market-leading smaller cars – Alto and Swift, are witnessing a slight slump in sales. The Brezza, along with the Baleno, though, have ensured that the Maruti flag flies high.

The compact SUV has already garnered well over 70,000 bookings even as the waiting period has swollen to nine months. If Maruti can keep up the production volumes of the sub-4 metre SUV, there’s little doubt about the Brezza’s success story to continue.


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Preventive Maintainance – Car Care Tips

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nWhen should the air filter be replaced?

Road Condition Variant Preventive Maintenance
Paved-road Petrol
Clean after every 5,000 km and replace after every 40,000 km.
Replace after every 20,000 km as cleaning is not required.
Dusty Petrol
Clean after every 5,000 km and replace after every 40,000 km.
Replace after every 20,000 km as cleaning is not required.

First and foremost, let us discuss the types of insurance cover one can get in India –

In what frequency should the fuel filter be changed?

The fuel filter should be changed at intervals of 20000 kms for carburettor vehicles. In case of MPFI vehicles, the interval is 40000 kms. However, if quality of fuel has been poor, it is recommended that you change the filter at earlier intervals as prescribed by the service manager of the Maruti Suzuki service station. You will find plenty of Maruti Suzuki service centres across India.

How important is preventive maintenance? Where can I get it done?

In your owner’s manual, you will find “Periodic Maintenance Schedule” under the “Inspection and maintenance” section. This will guide you on how often you must send your car to a Maruti Suzuki service centre for check up and maintenance service. If you have bought a second hand car, you will have to do the maintenance check on a more frequent basis. Doing so will not only prolong the life of your vehicle, but will also reduce maintenance costs. The car will be trouble free and completely safe for use. We urge you to carry out your car maintenance services only at a Navnit Maruti Service station in Thane.

Do I need to strictly follow the schedule in the owner’s handbook?

Yes, it is imperative that you follow the regular periodic maintenance schedule as listed in the owner’s manual, especially if you have bought a used car. This will ensure trouble free operation of the vehicle and enhance the life of the engine. In addition, this is a pre requisite for any warranty claims to be processed, should any part fail within the warranty period.

How do I know if gas is less than normal in the AC system?

If cooling efficiency of the AC is less than satisfactory, do check for gas leakage. There are various methods to check whether the quantity of gas is adequate. However, it is best that you rely on the AC maintenance experts at your nearest Maruti Suzuki service station to do the checking. They will have the right instruments and expertise to assess if gas in the AC system of your vehicle is below norms. Get your car’s AC serviced every year and do it around Feb – March so that you may enjoy best cooling during summer. Gas checking and topping is part of the service.

In the AC system, what are the functions of coil, condenser, and blower?

The cooling coil performs the function of evaporation of the refrigerant inside the coil. The air blows over these coils and emerges cooled. The condenser does the reverse work of the cooling unit, i.e. the condensation of the refrigerant and its cooling. The blower works like a fan by drawing in the air and circulating it inside the cabin.

Which parts /joints are the main sources of gas leakage?

The AC gas in cars reduces over time due to various factors like- leakage from the joints, o-rings etc., if they were not properly tightened during service. Leakage from the hose rubber may happen due to the natural permeability of the hose. However, this is extremely slow and is very difficult to detect, even with sophisticated equipment. The AC gas may need to be refilled during servicing of the AC, if it is found that the AC system is undercharged.

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How to choose correct Insurance for your Vehicle

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nInsurance can be a tricky subject, and most people are not aware about its dos and don’ts. In our constant endeavor to bring you comprehensive data about automobiles, we bring to you some tips and pointers towards insuring your prized possession. Here’s our guide to help you choose the best insurance for your vehicle.

First and foremost, let us discuss the types of insurance cover one can get in India –

As the name implies, this policy covers everything, but is subject to depreciation of parts of glass and rubber, and factors in the age of the vehicle. While calculating the premium, the age of the car and its market value is taken into account

Third Party
Having a valid insurance is required by law for any motorized vehicle. Third-party insurance ensures covers the other person affected in an accident where your vehicle is involved. This is the minimum requirement. However, you can add components to a Third Party policy like theft, fire etc.

Zero Depreciation
A comparatively new trend, Zero-Dep takes comprehensive insurance a step further. Here you just have to pay a fixed amount for the ‘Administration Charges’ – rest everything is taken care of by the insurance company. Naturally, premiums are higher and so the Zero-Dep was favoured by luxury car companies only. But now, it is spreading to smaller segments as well. Zero-Dep, however, is not available on cars older than 3 years.

Here are some tips to insure your car in a better manner –

  • Insure your vehicle at a price slightly higher than the second hand market price. Never insure your vehicle at the current new vehicle price, as the insurance company will not settle your claim at a price higher than the prevalent second hand market price.
  • Renew your insurance in time: If you don’t, besides all the risk of being without insurance you will lose the “No-Claim Discount” after 90 days of expiry of the policy.
  • Never drive in an intoxicated condition: Your Insurance Policy is not valid if at the time of the accident the driver was under the influence of liquor or drugs. However, for occupants other than the intoxicated driver, claims are payable.
  • Do not carry people in excess of the approved seating capacity.
  • Do not drive without a valid license: It is essential that the driver holds a valid and effective driving license. Otherwise, you are not only exposed to a stiff fine by the police, but also in case you meet with an accident, the Insurance contract is void as you have not complied with the provision of “persons entitled to drive”. No compensation would be payable either for damages to your car or for injuries to a third person.
  • If you have been disqualified by the Regional Transport Authorities from driving your vehicle, or from holding a license for a certain period, you are not entitled to drive your vehicle. In case of an accident under these circumstances, no claim is payable.
  • If you hold a Learner’s License only: Insurance companies are liable to pay claims under the policy, only if at the time of the accident you were accompanied by a duly licensed driver sitting in a position from where he could control your vehicle and your vehicle displayed the ‘L’ painted sign prominently both in the front and the rear.
  • Do not make a claim in case of minor accidents: Claims for smaller amounts often become uneconomical for you in terms of the bonus lost in the premium charged at the time of the next renewal. Also, small claims will take disproportionate documentation effort.
  • Do not participate in rallies without paying extra premium: The motor vehicle policy excludes participation in Rallies and Reliability Trials. But the policy can be extended to cover use during such trials provided it is organized by any recognized Motoring organization on payment of additional premium.

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Driving Tips For City Driving In Slow Traffic

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nIf you’re reading this then chances are that you live in an area where vehicular traffic is commonplace around you. And if you reside in a major metro, like I do, then you’ll know just what congestion and rush hour mean when you’re driving cars in India. Navigating your way through a dense sea of people isn’t for the faint of heart. A tiny fumble, a seemingly harmless brush, a slight lack of attention can turn the most benign of days in to a full blooded riot.

Stress levels are always high and one has to be aware of ones surroundings at all times. The ability to track and identify the position of multiple objects in a continually changing environment is something that one needs at their hand if they are to pass through without incident. Not only does one have to observe, note and process what’s in front and beside you, but also watch out for stuff that’s coming up from behind. Wing mirrors aren’t just for show, though, sadly many continue to treat them so. They are a vital tool in navigating the streets and must be used at all times. You’ll be surprised by just how much of information a well-adjusted pair of wing-mirrors can provide. Together with the Internal Rear View Mirror (IRVM), it is like having eyes at the back of the head – an absolute must on the tips for driving in city traffic, I’d say.

Another golden rule to keep in mind when getting behind the wheel of cars in Mumbai is to keep it slow. Speeding up isn’t the answer. Learn to relax instead, turn up the volume on that stereo (don’t make it so loud that you can’t hear the traffic around you at all) and start to enjoy your favourite tunes as you navigate your way safely through the congestion and crowd. Sadly, automatic turn indicators and lane change warning systems are yet to become a reality in our part of the world. But that shouldn’t stop you from letting others know of your impending change in direction. A great many dings and fender-benders occur because one or more parties to the situation didn’t indicate to the others of their intention to change direction. A simple tip on the indicator stalks is what’s needed – it is that easy.

In the end, if there is the one take away on driving tips for city driving in slow traffic then it is adopting a common sense approach. Try it and you’ll reap the rewards, guaranteed!


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