Alto 800, India ki Pehli Sawari, now refreshed and 9% more fuel efficient

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nIndia’s favourite car, Alto 800, now comes with a more attractive front design, fresh interiors, vibrant colours, higher fuel efficiency and new features. The new Alto 800 is a lot more fuel efficient. Alto 800 now delivers a superior fuel efficiency of 24.7 Km/l of petrol, around 9 per cent improvement over the earlier version. In CNG mode the Alto 800 offers a mileage of 33.44 Km/Kg an improvement of around 10 per cent.

Mr. R S Kalsi, Executive Director Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India said, “The new Alto 800 is technologically advanced with latest convenience and class leading safety features. The new stylish looks, fresh classy interiors and addition of two new colours make it trendy and vibrant. Above all it comes with improved mileage and assurance of Maruti Suzuki’s unmatched service network, guaranteed performance and lower maintenance cost. All these make Alto 800 a preferred choice of the value conscious customers across India.”

Alto’s attributes like its sleek design, good manoeuvrability, low cost of ownership and attractive price point make it a popular car among India’s first time car buyers. It has remained India’s top selling model for more than 12 years in a row. Alto is the only Indian car brand to cross the historic 30 lakh sales milestone. Alto brand contributes to almost 18 to 20 per cent of Maruti Suzuki’s sales in India.

New Alto 800: More Style, More Comfort, More Convenience and Trendy

Stylish and Trendy
The front fascia gets a new Aero Edge Design. Adding a dash of style is the new sporty bumper and grille. It also increases the exterior length of the vehicle by 35 mm. The lower grille is made wider and an addition of newly designed trendy headlamps and provision of front fog lamps in the bumper enhance the looks. Maruti Suzuki has added two new colours – Mojito Green and Cerulean Blue. On the inside of Alto 800 customers will get new dark grey interior colour along with stylish new seat and door trim fabric that add a classic appeal to the car. An improved rear seat with an integrated headrest makes the ride more comfortable for the rear passengers.

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Improved engine performance and fuel efficiency
Maruti Suzuki engineers have developed an improved engine architecture tuned for enhanced driving pleasure and excellent fuel economy.

With a highly efficient combustion system, the new engine provides excellent torque at low rpms, enabling less frequent gear change. Specially coated piston and ring set reduces frictional losses and increases engine life and fuel efficiency.

Drive by wire technology makes the engine responsive and enhances driving experience.

More safety and convenience
Alto 800 is available with a driver airbag as an option from the base variant onwards. The passenger side ORVM is now a standard. On the higher trims the Alto 800 comes with a rear door child lock that makes travelling with children safer.

New convenience features like remote keyless entry, smart storage spaces like rear bottle holder and co-driver side map pocket have been introduced in the Alto 800.


Length 3430 mm Power 35.3 Kw @ 6000 rpm
Width 1490 mm Torque 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Height 1475 mm Wheel Base 2360 mm
Tyre Size 145 / 80 R 12 Minimum Ground Clearance** 160 mm (unladen)


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Vitara Brezza and Baleno helps Maruti Suzuki gain over 49 per cent market share

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nMaruti Suzuki, the country’s largest automaker witnessed a 49 per cent rise in market share in April. Last year, the company witnessed a seven year high market share of 46.8 per cent. The company’s new products like the Baleno and the recently launched Vitara Brezza have been major contributors in strengthening Maruti’s market presence. Speaking about it, MSI Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, R S Kalsi said, “Our growth from new models has been 17 per cent more than what we received with new models in same period last year.”

It is worth noting that other key players in the country have witnessed a drop in their sales numbers for April thereby helping Maruti Suzuki gain an upper hand in the market. The Baleno, Brezza, Ciaz and the Ertiga have been key players for Maruti’s success in India. The Baleno premium hatchback has accumulated over one lakh bookings, with a waiting period stretching up to four months. The Vitara Brezza on the other hand has accumulated over 55,000 bookings. Given the positive growth, the Maruti Suzuki is not far from holding a 50 per cent market share.

However, Maruti’s popular products like Alto and WagonR have witnessed a drop of 9.9 per cent with 31,906 units sold in April in comparison to 35,403 units sold in the same period last year. The newest offering Vitara Brezza, has doubled the sales with 7,832 units in comparison to EcoSport which has sold about 3,789 units. Lucrative price tag, easy maintenance and decently feature loaded products have always appealed to the Indian market and has been a key aspect in Maruti’s success in India.

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Car AC Maintenance in Summer


While AC is also checked as part of the regular service, it’s best to get it checked even if you aren’t getting the car serviced. Its use will increase massively during summers, hence it becomes all the more important to ensure that it is in shape before being put to gruesome testing.


  • Although most modern cars adjust for revs whenever you switch on the air conditioner, it is nonetheless advisable not to drive at low rpms as your engine might stall or result in poor cooling.
  • Do not switch on the air conditioner with the fresh air vent open. This will lead to hot air from outside the car mixing with the cool air of the cabin leading to reduced cooling.
  • Do not leave the vents open as moisture enters the unit through open vents over a period of time.
  • Avoid operating the air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant gas in the system. This will result in premature failure of the compressor. Regular servicing will help.
  • Do not check the air conditioning system for leaks with the pressure over 20kg/cm2. A very high refrigerant pressure might damage the the vehicle’s air conditioning system.
  • Do not recharge your car AC’s refrigerant without proper vacuuming of the system. Lack of vacuuming or improper vacuuming will result in less cooling.



Leave the doors open to let out hot air. During tests to find if paint colour makes a difference, all cars showed a drastic drop in temperatures, and hence cooling efficiency, after the doors were left open.

Parking in the shade can keep your car as much as 150C cooler than leaving it in the sun. Park with the front half in the shade and cover windshields with a white cloth.

Before starting the AC, set to maximum cooling. Then start the fan to circulate the air. Keeping too low a temperature is not only unhealthy, but also bad for the environment.


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Tips For Safe Night Driving On Highways

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nThere are two kinds of drivers out there – one set prefers driving when the sun is up and the other comes out only when the sun has well & truly retired for the day. While it does indeed involve a greater quotient of risk, following a few tips on safe night driving on highways should make things easier if you belong to the latter club.

Let’s start with the vehicle being driven. The lights are the most important accessory when driving in the night. This is as true for hatchbacks as it is for larger SUV’s. So make sure that each and every light element, from the headlights and the driving lamps, the tail-lamps and the stop-lamps – everything must be in proper working order.

The above holds true in the case of the brakes and for India, the horn as well. Good brakes can often mean the difference in a situation where the oncoming vehicle’s overtaking manoeuvre has gone bad, for example. The horn too can be used as a deterrent for those who tend to ignore the flashing headlights. The general guideline for tips on safe night driving on highways is that the vehicle being used must be maintained to a higher level of reliability than one that is used to drive along during daytime.

The single major cause for road accidents in the night is driver fatigue. A well-rested driver not only drives safer but also arrives at the destination reasonably fresher. Pulling a double-shift on the eve of a long-weekend trip is not the right way to get that employee of the month award and neither is it the best way to get behind the wheel.

Tempting as it may, a heavy meal will only make one drowsy. So keep those biryanis and other delicacies for when you have reached your destination. Best to stick to light meals on the trip if you are driving.

When in doubt, give way to the vehicle on the other side. There’s no room for bravery displays when driving in the night. Keep those adventurous overtaking manoeuvres for when the light comes out. The thumb rule is that if you can’t see, don’t go.

Lastly, in India, the rules are usually dispensed with on the road. So hatchbacks or SUVs if you are behind the wheel then keep the safety-first rule in mind at all times when you drive.


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Buying Guide – How to Buy a Used Car?

12027504_1007935742590667_3729778140554791054_nThe used car market in India has been growing steadily for quite some time and at about 3 million used car sales it is even bigger than the new-car market.

Maruti True Value Certified cars sold offer peace of mind. In case you are looking for a used car and are about to buy it, here are some tips that you can follow to be on the safer side and make a successful car purchase.

Analyse the need
To begin with, you should be absolutely sure about what kind of car you are looking for? Based on your preference, family size and also your budget. Decide if would like to purchase a small hatchback, big sedan or an even bigger suv. Once that’s done, you can start looking for cars.

The single most important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a second hand car is – reliability, and this should take precedence over all other things.

List of checks that would help determine the long term reliability of the car



1. ENGINE OIL – Check the engine oil condition by removing the dip stick. A healthy engine would have oil of golden brown or red brown colour. Black engine oil is an indication that car has not been serviced since long time. Also open the engine oil filler cap, if there’s creamy sludge, it’s an indication of head gasket will require major repair. Check for the rubber hoses and pipes, and radiator to confirm that none of them is leaking or is broken.

2. COOLANT – The colour of coolant tells a lot about engine’s condition. Dirty brown liquid in the overflow container indicates an issue with blow head gasket or cracked cylinder head or block.

3. EXHAUST – Check the colour of exhaust when you start the car. Blue (Do not confuse clear white smoke which generally occurs in cold weather with blue smoke) or extremely dark black smoke is an indication that either the car’s burning engine oil or having issues with fuel burning. Also put your finger in the exhaust to check if there’s greasy grime, this indicates even deeper problems. Stay clear of these cars and do not part with your money on any such car.


1. BODY WORK OIL – Minor dents are nothing to worry about. But be wary of cars that have undergone major accidental repairs. Different tone for different body panels, rough patches or inconsistent panel gaps, patchy welding marks etc. give an indication that car has been in a shunt and undergone shoddy repairs at a local garage.

2. HEAVY MODIFICATIONS – You cannot be sure of the quality of modifications and chances are that the previous owner might have driven it too enthusiastically and therefore you cannot ascertain the kind of maintenance that it may require in the future. Walk away from cars that have tell tale signs of heavy modifications.

3. UNDERBODY – If possible, check the underbelly of the car for signs for rust, exhaust damage and leaks.


1. EQUIPMENT – Check that the electrical equipment, boot lid shocks, power windows, headlights, tailights etc. are in working condition.

2. AGE Have a good look at dashboard, steering wheel and confirm that the wear and tear correspond to the age shown by odometer. Also, open the trunk and confirm that it’s in good condition, any signs of rust and wear and tear confirms heavy usage, tally this with the mileage that you see on the odometer.


1. TEST RIDE – Take a comprehensive test drive of the car and drive it on all kinds of roads and speeds with music turned off. Watch out for any unusual sounds, it would let you know if there is any unusual wear and tear of the suspension components, mountings etc.

2. BRAKES Test the brakes under gentle as well as hard braking pressure.

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Other important things

1. ENGINE SIZE – Lot of cars come with different engine sizes nowadays. Verify that the engine size mentioned on the registration certificate and insurance documents match the badge that there on the car.

2. OBOMETER TAMPERING – It’s pretty easy to tamper with odometer to conceal the actual kms that the car has done. Check the original service records match that with odometer mileage. Car’s original set of tyres would last for about 25,000 or more kms. Check the manufacturing date of all tyres and confirm if they correspond around to the car’s manufacturing date.

3. AGE – Cars age with the mileage as well as with time. A 2-3 years old car that has done about 40,000 – 50,000 kms would make a good buy and there is a good chance that its warranty has not even expired.

4. HISTORY – Have a look at the car’s service manual and confirm that it has been visiting the authorised service station as per the schedule.

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